Zlib Scripts

Created For - Work

Created - Aug. 12, 2016, 9:32 p.m.

Binary available - Link

Language Used - Bash

The IBM Sametime Video MCU writes its logs in raw zlib format, which is not readable on Linux distros. These tools exploit the fact that gzip format does not require a footer to be extractable by the gunzip tool, by prepending the gzip header to the raw zlib compressed file in question.

These tools include ibmzgrep (basic search), zvim (for reading logs) and zextract(for extracting logs).

These tools can now be installed with the following steps:


  • sudo dnf copr enable jaredwallace/ztools
  • sudo dnf install ztools


  • sudo yum copr enable jaredwallace/ztools
  • sudo yum install ztools