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Created - March 5, 2018, 2:54 p.m.

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MoT, or more generally, MPaaS (multi-platform as a service), is the beating heart of Vrbo. We provide a simple solution that allows application developers to quickly design, test and deploy cloud native applications.

So what is MPaaS? MultiPaaS (in it's current iteration) is collection of services operated at both the Vrbo and Expedia level with the purpose to deploy and manage different types of jobs across multiple cloud and hybrid regions. MultiPaaS currently supports stateless microservices, and batch jobs, with functions and other types of jobs in development.

So what is the Ministry of Truth? The Ministry of Truth (henceforth referred to as MoT) is a cloud agnostic, multi-region container orchestration system specifically built to be the brain of MultiPaaS. Where MultiPaaS consists of the lower level components (such as the scheduler, secret manager, service discovery, etc.), MoT serves as the API and control plane for this system.

So why make MoT? To allow developers to confidently deploy, modify, and maintain their web services.

So what do I need to deploy my service on MoT? You need at the most basic level, simply a container that, when started, will answer an HTTP request with a 200 response on some defined port, on some defined endpoint. We will use that endpoint as your healthcheck indicator to know when we should try to restart your application. You then provide us an mpaas app config which specifies what regions, what environments and how many instances you want, as well as how many cpu's and memory in GB you want per instance. We will then balance the requested number of instances per region/env across all available clusters in that region/env, and will attempt to keep that requested level of deployment active across any outside environment changes (a cluster goes down etc).

Mot includes comprehensive customer facing and internal facing documentation.