These are a few of the projects I've worked on over the last two years. Quite a few were written while I was still in my introductory classes, so they tend to be a bit crude.

How did I start coding?

I started coding almost by accident. When I was around 9 years old, a friend of mine who attended the LBJ Science Academy tried to teach me C++ without a computer (we were on a camping trip), and starting with pointers. He confused the heck out of me, and for the next 20 odd years I figured I just wasn't cut out for programming. Fast forward to 2012, when I signed up for a "Programming for Engineers" course. Much to my surprise, the class was a breeze, and I really enjoyed it. Following in my brothers footsteps, I switched my major to Computer Science, and the rest is history (to flog a dead cliche).

What tools do I use?

I have done every bit of my programming, from the beginning, using the Vim text editor. I started using it on the recommendation of my brother, and I've grown very attached to it. I use several plugins, based very loosely on SPF13 (link's on the left side of the page). My vimrc is available on BitBucket. Combined with GDB as my debugger, I've never missed having an Integrated Development Environment(IDE).

I run a Ubuntu 17.04 at home, with Arch on my Pi, and Fedora 25 on my office laptop. Windows is fine for many people, and in fact I also run a couple of Windows 2012r2 VM's at work and Windows 10 on one of my kid's computers. However, when it comes to coding and general purpose work I much prefer Linux.

I use both BitBucket and Github for version control, and I've been playing around with Jenkins for CI.